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A. D. 1312), To prove the truth of this, there is an inscription in
the Nagari script which Vundavelu Siva Reddi had caused to be
engraved on the sluice on the eastern side of the tank.
Ibid, p. 295.
24 (g).
A description of many as which His Majesty had granted
on Margasira su 10 of the year Svabhann corresponding to
Salivahana &aka 1265.
*                    #                    *                     *
In the region bounded by Siddhavattam in the east of
Guttij Pemigonda in the south, Maddikara in the west, and
Dronacalani in the north, * (King Harihara) appointed a
Karanika over a village consisting of four or five hamlets, and a
Sthalakarana over (an area) containing 20 to 30 villages having
such village Karanikas. (He) also appointed for the same region
nad-gaudas and nad-talaiyars ; and having made appointments
in this manner, (he) granted them title deeds which he had
caused to be written.
Ibid, pp. 297-298.
M (h).
While Maharajadhiraja Harihararaya, being seated on the
Diamond-throne, was ruling from Vidyanagara known also as
Vijayanagara, Cikka Vodaya submitted on Magha ba 30,
Sivaratriof the year (JVijaya)t corresponding to S.S. 1275, that it
would be an act of merit, if the king granted to Brahmans,
on that holy occasion, the office of the Karanika in all the
villages of his kingdom, which was held at that time by the
goldsmiths and the Velamas. At that time, the goldsmith,
Limgoju was holding the office of the Karanika in the village of
* The original ms. describing the- "boundaries is corrupt; and consequently this
portion of the translation is only tentative.
f The name of the cyclic year is not mentioned, and some space is left blank in the
original. As the cyclic year corresponding to 3, S. 1275 is Vijaya, it has been introduced
in the translation. Again, the name of the cyclic year in which the lunar eclipse occurred on
Vaisakha su 15, and ^hen the king besto-wed the office of the Karanika on Peda-Polajnraju
is not mentioned. No lunar eclipse occurred in VaisSkha of Jaya or the succeeding year.
The d"fce on which Cikka Vodaya made the request corresponds to Feb. 23, ,A.D,